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Elementary Handbook Signature Page

Student Handbook Signature Page


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Student Name                                    Homeroom                                      Date


The Parent/Student Handbook contains valuable information for you and your student to ensure success in the school environment.  The handbook is located on the Douglas County School System Website. If you desire a copy you may request it from your school.  Success is dependent upon mutual respect and clear understanding of rights and responsibilities.  Please read carefully each statement below and sign each of the 4 blocks on the appropriate line and return to your school.


Block 1                                        Handbook/Internet Use

I have reviewed a copy of the Parent/Student Handbook on my child’s school website including the student code of conduct, drug-testing policy for high school student, and Internet Filtering Regulations. I understand that my student is responsible for all of the policies and procedures contained in the handbook. I also have read Board Policy Computer Assisted Instruction  Use of Electronic Communications: Internet Use .IFBG-E(1)  IFBG-E(2)  Permission to Display Photograph or Work IFBG-E(3).  Posted of DCSS web site - Policy Manual - Under I -  Instruction Program .


__________________________________  __________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature                                                         Student signature


Block 2                                Directory Information

I understand that certain information (name, date of birth, participation in clubs and sports, awards, photographs, etc.)  is considered Directory Information  and may be released to the media, colleges and universities, Georgia Financial Aid Commission, the military and other agencies. Check your choice and then sign.


___ I grant permission for the release of Directory Information.

___I grant permission for the release of Directory Information to all groups except the    military.

              ___I refuse permission for the release of any Directory Information.                                          


Parent/Guardian signature


Block 3                                                Attendance

I have received a copy of the Attendance Policy and understand that I can be charged with a misdemeanor if my student obtains the sixth (6) unexcused absence.



Parent/ Guardian signature


Block 4                                               Clubs           

I acknowledge that all clubs and organizations with related information are listed on school’s handbook website and have been made available for me to review.  I understand that any new clubs or organizations formed during the school year will be required to send home information and I must grant permission for my student to participate. I understand that if I wish to “opt-out” my student from participation I may do so by listing the club or organization that I do not grant permission for my student to participate in on this page.


(My student does not have permission to participate in the following clubs or organizations)



Parent/Guardian signature