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Winston Elementary School Council Bylaws
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Winston Elementary School Council

Article I:       Name

A school   council has been established in the Winston Elementary School in the Douglas   County School District. The name of this school council shall be the WinstonElementary School Council,   hereinafter referred to as the school council, organized under the authority   of state law (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-85   – 20-2-86).

Article II:     Purpose

The   establishment of school councils is intended to help local boards of   education by bringing parents and the community together with teachers and   school administrators to create a better understanding of and mutual respect   for each other's concerns and share ideas for school improvement. School   councils shall represent the community of parents and businesses.

The members   of the school council are accountable to the constituents they serve and   shall:

1.      Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues;

2.      Regularly participate in school council meetings;

3.      Participate in information and training programs;

4.      Act as a link between the school council and the   community;

5.      Encourage the participation of parents and others within   the school community; and

6.      Work to improve student achievement and performance.

Article III:     School Council Authority

The school   council shall advise and make recommendations to the principal, local board   of education and local school superintendent on matters relating to school   improvement and student achievement.

The school   council shall participate in the selection of the school principal in   accordance with the written policy of the local board of education.

The school   council shall review and approve the school improvement plan.

The school council   shall review school site budget and expenditure information, and class sizes   by grade.

The school   council has the authority to appoint committees, study groups, or task forces   for such purposes as it deems helpful and may utilize existing or new school   advisory groups.

The school   council shall have the same immunity as the local board of education in all   matters directly related to the functions of the school council.



Article IV:   Role of the School Council

The school   council provides advice and recommendations to the school principal and, when   appropriate, the local board of education and local school superintendent, on   any matter related to student achievement and school improvement, including   but not limited to, the following:

  1. School board policies;
  3. School improvement plans;
  5. Curriculum and assessments;
  7. Report cards issued or audits of the school        conducted by the Office of Student Achievement;
  9. Development of a school profile which shall        contain data as identified by the school council to describe the        academic performance, academic progress, services, awards,        interventions, environment, and other such data as the school council        deems appropriate;
  11. School budget priorities, including school        capital improvement plans;
  13. School-community communication strategies;
  15. Methods of involving parents and the community;       
  17. Extracurricular activities in the school;
  19. School-based and community services;
  21. Community use of school facilities;
  23. Student discipline and attendance;
  25. Reports from the principal regarding progress        toward the school's student achievement goals, including progress within        specific grade levels and subject areas and by school personnel; and
  27. The method and specifications for the delivery        of early intervention services or other appropriate services for        underachieving students.

Article V:       Membership

Membership   on the school council shall be open to principals, teachers, parents,   business representatives and other such members as the school council may   specify in its bylaws. Members of the school council shall not receive   compensation to serve on a school council. Members of the school council   shall include:

  1. At least 2 parents or guardians of students        enrolled in the school, excluding parents or guardians who are also        employees of the school;
  3. Two parents who are businesspersons;
  5. At least 2, (but parents [#1 plus #2 above] must        be the majority members)certificated        teachers who are employed at least four of the six school segments at        the school, excluding any personnel employed in administrative        positions;
  7. The school principal

Article VI:     Terms

Council   members shall be elected for two year terms beginning in September. Parent and certificated staff terms shall   be staggered to provide continuity to the council.Council members may serve more than one term.



Article VII:     Elections

Elections   shall take place in September.

The electing   body for the parent members shall consist of all parents and guardians   eligible to serve as a parent member of the school council

The electing   body for the teacher members shall consist of all certificated personnel   eligible to serve as a teacher member of the school council.

Public notice shall be provided at least two weeks   before the meeting of each electing body.

Article VIII:     Vacancies

The position   of a school council member shall be automatically vacated if:

  1. A member resigns by delivering a written        resignation to the school council;
  3. A member no longer meets the qualifications        specified by law; or
  5. A member is removed by an action of the school        council.

The school council may by a   majority vote determine a position vacant if it finds that a member of the   council is no longer active in the council due to inactivity(missing 2 consecutive meetings). The effective date of a vacancy   shall be determined by the school council.


An election within the   electing body for a replacement to fill the remainder of an unexpired term   shall be held within 30 days, unless there are 90 calendar days or less   remaining in the term in which case the vacancy shall remain unfilled.

Article IX:     Meetings

All meetings   of the council shall be open to the public.   The school council shall meet 4   times annually. The council shall   also meet at the call of the chairperson, or at the request of a majority of   the members of the school council.

Notice by   mail shall be sent to school council members at least seven days prior to a   meeting and shall include the date, time and location of the meeting. School   councils shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act in the same manner as   local boards of education.

A quorum   must be present in order to conduct official school council business. A   quorum is comprised of a majority of school council members. Every question shall be determined by a   majority vote of members present. Each member of the school council is   authorized to exercise one vote. Proxy votes are not allowed. Members must be   present in order to vote.

Article X:       Minutes

School   councils shall be subject to the Opens Records Act, relating to the   inspection of public records, in the same manner as local boards of   education. A summary of the subjects   acted on and the members present at the meeting of the school council shall   be made available to the public for inspection at the school office within   two business days of the meeting. The minutes shall be provided to the school   council members, each of whom shall receive a copy of such minutes, within 20   days following each school council meeting. The official minutes shall be   open to public inspection once approved by the school council immediately   following the next regular meeting of the school council.

Minutes at a   minimum shall include the names of the school council members present at the   meeting, a description of each motion or other proposal made, and a record of   all votes. In the case of a roll-call vote, the name of each school council   member voting for or against a proposal or abstaining shall be recorded. In   all other votes, it shall be presumed that the action taken was approved by   each person in attendance unless the minutes reflect the name of the persons   voting against the proposal or abstaining.

Article XI:     Officers of the School Council

The officers   of the school council shall be a chairperson, vice chairperson, and   secretary. Officers of the school council shall be elected at the first   meeting of the school council following the election of school council   members. The term of the officers of the school council shall beone year.

The   chairperson, which shall be a parent, shall develop the agenda for all   meetings, preside at all meetings of the school council, and perform such   duties as may be required by the school council.


The   vice chairperson shall, in the absence of the chairperson, perform the duties   and exercise the powers of the chairperson and shall perform such other   duties as may be required by the school council.

The   secretary shall act as the clerk of the school council, record all votes and   minutes of all proceedings, give or cause to be given notice of all meetings   of the school council, and shall perform such other duties as may be   prescribed by the council.

Article XII:     Duties of the Principal

The school   principal shall have the following duties pertaining to school councils:

  1. Cause to be created a school council by        convening the appropriate bodies to select school council members;        setting the initial agenda, meeting time, and location; and notifying        all school council members of the same;
  3. Call meetings of the electing bodies after        providing public notice at least two weeks before such meetings;
  5. Communicate all school council requests for        information and assistance to the local school superintendent and inform        the school council of responses or actions of the local school superintendent;       
  7. Develop the school improvement plan and school        operation plan and submit the plans to the school council for its        review, comments, recommendations, and approval;
  9. Provide progress reports regarding the school’s        student achievement goals; and
  11. Perform all of the duties required by law and        the bylaws of the council.

Article XIII:     Bylaws

The school   council shall adopt the bylaws as it deems appropriate to conduct the   business of the school council. The adoption of bylaws or changes thereto   requires two-thirds affirmative votes.

Article XV:     Parliamentary Authority

Robert's   Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the governing parliamentary authority   for school councils in all cases applicable but not inconsistent with these   bylaws.



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