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Winston Safety Plan
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018




Winston Elementary School

Address  7456 Highway 78

Winston, GA 30187

Phone Number 770-651-4700

 Directions from Interstate I 20

Take Bankhead Highway (Highway 78) West past Highway 5 or Bill Arp Road.  Winston is approximately 3 miles on the left.

  Principal   Dawn Taylor

 Asst. Principal   Meredith McTyre


 Total #Students approximately (425)

 Total #Teachers 30

 Total #Custodians 4

 Total # Cafeteria Staff   4

 Custodian  Jason Howard

 Cafeteria Manager  Mary Bryant



Comprehensive Safety Program

 Following is a description of the Emergency Preparedness Components:


1. Emergency Flip Chart - Organized to give first hand information to staff whenever an emergency occurs.  Topics are listed in alphabetical order to give quick reference. These charts should be located throughout the school.  After the correct procedure is used from the flip chart, the individual should consult the School Safety Plan or the System’s Crisis Manual.  The building principal and their team will make the decision to the degree of activation of the various team members.  

Charts should be located throughout school.


2. First Aid Flip-Guide - Illustrated Flip-up guide for Medical Emergencies.  Each school will have two (2) guides.  These should be placed in areas at each school accessible to all staff members.


3. The School Safety Plan (Red Note Book).  The School Safety Plan is specific and unique to your school.   The School Safety Plan should be in the front of the notebook followed by supporting documents as requested.  To make your notebook unique to your school/community, add additional information which will be an example of your school/community safety plans.  This document will be sent to the State GEMA office to be evaluated per State Law. School Safety Plans are due to the Coordinator of Safety & Emergency Preparedness  by September 1, of each school year. 


4. Crisis Manual – Contains comprehensive emergency information which can be applied to any type of crisis that may occur at school. The Crisis Manual should be placed in the back of the red notebook holding your School Safety Plan.  Building Team Members for each individual school should be identified as soon as possible. The Central Office Team Member names will be included in each crisis manual.  When each school’s Safety Plan and Crisis Manual are completed and drills are conducted, crisis situations can be handled in a professional and efficient manner.  Building Team Members of each individual school should be identified no later than the first day of school – of each school year.


5. Safety/Crisis Plan Checklist - Each item is to be signed and dated by a school administrator and returned to the office of Zach Spencer, Coordinator of Safety, at the beginning of each semester.





1. Emergency/Crisis Intervention Team- 

  ▪  Central Office Crisis Team

  ▪   SCAT- School Crisis Assistance Teams

2. Photo ID Badges for all system employees.

3. Video secured access in all elementary and middle schools.

4. No one is allowed in a school building without an ID badge from the main office.

5. All outside doors, except one (1) front door, are locked.

6. Recommended that each principal have a cell phone.

7. All schools have security cameras located throughout the building.

8. Each middle and high school has a School Resource Office on campus at all times.

9. Elementary schools have Life Skills Officers assigned to each school.

10. Elementary and middle schools have video secured access systems.

11. Each middle and high school has access to hand held metal detectors.

12. Elementary schools use a bus loading card procedure to insure students are accountable until they reach home.     – see #5 page (12) – 

13. First-Aid/CPR trained staff members in each school.

14. All emergency phone numbers are listed:

  ▪  Emergency flip chart

  ▪  School Safety/Emergency Plan

15. Coordination with:

  Local  Agencies:

  ▪   Douglas County Sheriff’s Department

  ▪   Douglasville Police Department

  ▪   Douglas County Fire Department

  ▪   Local 911 Director

  ▪   Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)

   Jason Milhollin- Local GEMA

16. Agencies have a copy of each school’s floor plan for emergency use.

17. Safety/Crisis Plan for each school:

  ▪   Emergency Flip Chart

  ▪   First Aid Flip Guide

  ▪   The School Safety Plan with information related to a particular school.

     ▪  fire exits

     ▪  tornado routes

     ▪  unique information for a particular school.

     ▪  evacuation sites

     ▪  fire pull boxes

     ▪  water/gas cut off stations

18. Each school is inspected  annually  to insure a safe school environment.

19. Drills and evaluation.




       Primary  Secondary

 * Team Leader   Tim Scott  Renee Davis

 * Alternate  Team Leader  Renee Davis             Zach Spencer 

 * On-Site Response and 

 Assessment Coordinator Zach Spencer James Strong

 * School Psychologists  Nancy Schusterman

      Shane Avery

 * School Crisis Assistance Teams (SCAT) 

 * Clergy  Douglas County Ministerial Association


Using the School Emergency Plan

 The School Emergency Plan outlines procedures that students and staff should follow in the event of an emergency.  Local public safety agencies, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), and school administrators have reviewed and approved these procedures.


The school staff should periodically review and discuss emergency procedures.  In particular, the staff should be well prepared to implement the three primary emergency operations – evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in-place. Staff members who are prepared for these operations are equipped to respond to any type of incident


Initial Response

 If an incident occurs, respond by taking one or more of the following actions, as appropriate:

 > Notify a principal or school resource officer. > Call 911 and provide the following information: * Your name, location, and phone number * Nature and location of the incident * Severity of injuries or property damage > Stay on the phone to 911 if it is safe to do so.  Otherwise, drop the receiver and keep the line open so that 911 can monitor activity in the building. > Take action to protect students and staff: * Move people away from the scene * Isolate and secure the area * Assist injured students and staff * Direct public safety officials to the scene > Use ‘duck and cover’ procedures to help protect lives: * Get behind any solid object  * Move away from windows and doors * Turn your back to the window * Make your body as small as possible * Cover your head and face * Keep your eyes and ears covered * Stay away from power lines > Follow the principal’s directions to implement evacuation, lockdown, or shelter-in-place procedures. >  If lockdown is initiated:        Locks/Lights/Out of Site  > Obtain your emergency kit. > Account for and supervise your students



Use of codes will be followed by a verbal explanation in order alleviate confusion.


 INSIDE - ▪  Means an intruder or other threat is inside the building.

 OUTSIDE- ▪  Means an intruder or other threat is outside the building.

Total school lockdown.  Students and staff will remain in the classroom.

  Students: ▪  Move to a safe area away from the windows and doors 

  ▪  Remain silent and wait for instructions.

  Teachers: ▪ Quickly gather students from halls and bathrooms.

* Locks/Lights/Out of Site

   ▪ Lock the classroom door. If a door does not have a

    lock, furniture (tables, desk, etc...) should be pushed against the door.

   ▪  Turn off lights.

   ▪ Close the windows and blinds. 

   ▪ Move students away from the doors and windows. 

   ▪ Wait for instructions.  


   ▪ Each school should develop their own plan for providing safety for children on the playground or outside for P.E.

 Each teacher is accountable for each student in their class.



Use of codes will be followed by a verbal explanation in order alleviate confusion.

 CODE GREEN - EVACUATION -  (Means GO)   Evacuate the building to assigned areas.  Students and staff must be at least 1000 feet from the building. Emergency vehicle access should be insured.

  Students: ▪  Gather personal items - Book bags, notebooks, jackets, etc.

  ▪  Be prepared to not go back into the building.

 Teachers: ▪  Gather personal belongings.

  ▪  Take a class list

  ▪  Scan for unusual items.

  ▪  Exit the building.

   ▪  Go to assigned area.

  ▪  Send a student to tell the principal that all students are safely out of the building with an attendance report.

 Each teacher is accountable for each student in their class.

 Administrator: ▪ Designate a location for the office staff and teachers without student responsibilities. 

▪ Designate a staff member to take attendance from each teacher.

▪ An accurate list of students in each class that are absent.

 Office staff and teachers without student responsibilities will meet in the area designated by the principal.

 Plans may require:

 ► Student and staff evacuation to an alternate site.

 ► Student check-out to parents

 ► Parent notification

 ▪   Call Douglas County School System Maintenance Department.

▪   Report all fires to the Douglas County Fire Department.


Use of codes will be followed by a verbal explanation in order alleviate confusion.

CODE BLUE – EVACUATION - Indicates a bomb threat.  The building should be silently evacuated immediately.  Students and staff should be at least 1000 feet away from the building.

  Students: ▪  LEAVE BOOK BAGS

   ▪  With the exception of book bags, be prepared to not go back into the building.

  Teachers: ▪  Gather personal belongings.

   ▪  Take a class list.

   ▪  Scan for unusual items.

   ▪  Exit the building.

   ▪  Go to the designated area.

▪  Send a student to tell the principal that students are safely out of the building with an attendance report.


SILENT EVACUATION –  When students and staff are evacuated from the building without the use of any electrical equipment (intercom, walkie-talkies, telephone, etc.).  You will be notified by a staff member if this procedure must be followed.  The use of a cell phone is strictly forbidden during a bomb threat.

 Plan may require:

 ► Student and staff evacuation to an alternate site.

► Student check-out to parents.

► Parent notification.



Use of codes will be followed by a verbal explanation in order alleviate confusion.

 CODE  YELLOW- Caution/Alert.  Possible crisis situation in neighboring area. 

* Extra supervision should be posted at appropriate areas.

* All outside doors should be check to insure all doors are locked. 

* Recess, physical education, and other outside activities will be suspended 

TORNADO  WATCH/WARNING –  WATCH- Indicates that weather conditions are such that a tornado may develop and instructs to listen for further updates. 

 WARNING- Indicates that a tornado has  been sighted and protective  measures must be taken immediately.  

 Principal: ▪ Educate the students and staff on Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning.

   ▪ Practice Tornado drills.

   ▪ With a Tornado Warning-notify students and staff to proceed to designated areas as posted in the diagrams located in each room.  

 Students: ▪ Should remain calm.

   ▪ Follow the directions of their teacher. 

 Teachers: ▪ Take personal belongings.

   ▪ Take a class roster.

   ▪ Keep students calm. 

Proper positions may be either: 1) Sitting facing the wall in a cross legged position prepared to put their face in their lap.

    Or 2) Sitting with their backs to the wall, prepared to put their face in their lap.  SCHOOL  EMERGENCY  PLAN

SCHOOL Winston Elementary    

PRINCIPAL Dawn Taylor 

School Year 2016-2017 

1. Chain of Command in case the Building Principal is not in the building:

Name Position

(1) Meredith McTyre  Assistant Principal

(2) Tysha Vann Counselor

(3) Shannon Postell P.E. Teacher

(4) Sheryl Waldrop Office Manager 

2.  Date Emergency drill conducted: 

 Teachers Preplanning Training for office, custodian and cafeteria staff-School Emergency Plan.  

   Teachers Preplanning Lock-Down Drill - All staff – includes custodians, cafeteria workers. 

 Teachers Preplanning Phone Tree Drill-Principal will start the drill with something not normally requested. 

 Next Day after Drill Evaluation of the Phone Tree 

 By August 31 of each school year Silent evacuation - Do not use intercom, walkie-talkie, or any other electronic device. 

  By Aug. 31 of each school year  1st Lock Down Drill 

  By Jan. 31 of each school year  2nd Lock Down Drill  

A schedule of drills for 2nd semester will be given to each school before the end of 1st semester. 

3. School Safety Coordinator  Dawn Taylor or Meredith McTyre 

 School Resource Officer   N/A 

 Life Skills Officer   Sgt. Donna Morris 

1) will develop a plan to secure the building from unauthorized personnel.

2) will develop a plan to secure the building from looting or other dangers that the crisis may present.  

3) secure a perimeter where law enforcement personnel can prevent any unauthorized individual from entering school property and provide access to emergency vehicle(s).

4) established a procedure to insure that only authorized personnel are allowed on school  property.  How will the law enforcement personnel know who is to be allowed in or who is to be turned away? 

4. Identification and Check out Coordinator-Sheryl Waldrop 

1) identify staff and students in the building.

2) plan the orderly release of students and staff. 

5. Transportation Coordinator- _Doris Hucks

1) identify staff and students by his/her bus number and driver.

2) copy of medical release forms for each student.

3) means of communication.

  a) cell phone

  b) 2-way radio

  c) bull horn    

 The safety of students is the responsibility of the bus driver upon entrance on the bus to and from school.  Each bus is equipped with a two-way radio and video cameras to insure all student actions are monitored.  Elementary schools use a bus loading card procedure to insure students in fact get on the correct bus when going home in the afternoon.  Students are not allowed to get on a bus until their card number, animal, etc. matches the same on the bus.  Bus drivers allow students to exit only at the designated location. 

6. What plan does your school have to handle a crisis situation outside of the normal      school day? Depending on the crisis, Mrs. Taylor will activate the faculty phone tree.  Mrs. Taylor will follow steps to notify various individuals at Central Office.  Winston Crisis Team will begin their action plan accordingly.  

7. Designated school personnel are to report to the hospital to coordinate information from the hospital to school and central office:

 Meredith McTyre or Tysha Vann (take to the hospital a Demographic Alfa list of students by grade and faculty-INFINITE CAMPUS can generate list) 

8. Location of school’s news media area Media Center 

9. Designated school news media spokes person:  PRINCIPAL - talk with Karen Stroud, Community Relations Director, before talking with the media. 

10. Staff members certified in CPR:

Name Certification

Dawn Taylor July, 2016

Meredith McTyre July, 2016

Shannon Postell January, 2016

Kathy Morgan January, 2016

Sheryl Waldrop January, 2015

Tracey Thrasher January, 2015

Tabi Antonovich January, 2016


11. List alternate available means of communication: 

(a) 2-way radio 

(b) cell phone 

(c) bull horn 

12. Student Enrollment  _____________________________. Demographic Alfa listing of students by grade. (INFINITE CAMPUS can generate list) 

13. Number of Faculty and Staff ________________________. Demographic Alfa listing of certified and non-certified. (INFINITE CAMPUS can generate list) 

1) Name of Spouse

 a)   Place of employment

 b)   Phone number

 2) Name of each child of each faculty member

3) Name and phone number of child’s school 

4) Name and phone number of child’s day care 



Emergency  911 

Name   Position  Office Phone# Cell Phone# Alternate# 

Gordon Pritz  Superintendent 770-651-2032 678-327-8266 770-422-9344  

Tim Scott  Asst. Supt. Operations 770-651-2062 770-778-7388   

Pam Nail  Chief Academic Officer 770-651-2048 678-602-5285 678-910-7344 

Renee Davis  Asst. Superintendent 770-651-2105 404-725-3425 770-377-7970 

                                        Student Support & Services     

Michelle Ruble         Asst. Supt Personnel/Policy 770-651-2319  404-915-2717   770-883-6482 

Cathy Swanger   Executive Area Director 770-651-2104 470-774-0385 404-697-4975 

Kwame Carr   Executive Area Director 770-651-2100   404-247-8517 

Barry Williams   Exec. Dir. Spec. Education 770-651-2123 770-238-6469   

Karen Stroud   Dir. Community Relations 770-651-2035 770-366-6176 678-429-8396 

Zach Spencer   Coordinator of Safety  770-651-2090 404-626-7024 770-214-1613  

James Strong   Asst Dir. Student Support 770-651-2101 770-354-4649          

 Jack Gardner   Facilities Coordinator 770-651-2211 404-906-3589  

Hugh Mitchell   Facilities/Maintenance 770-651-2234 770-365-9664 770-443-3408


Todd Hindmon   Exec. Dir. Technology 770-651-2387 770-861-5022 404-408-3224 

Andy Micacchione   Dir. Transportation 770-651-2411 678-231-1742  

Emily Hanlin    Dir. Food Service 770-651-2290  770-826-9577 770-354-4437 

Douglas County Fire Department 770-942-8626

Douglas County Sheriff’s Department 770-942-2121

Douglasville Police Department  770-920-3010 

Emergency  911 


see CRISIS MANUAL – page 7 & 8  

School________________________________ Year ______________ 

(Must be completed during Preplanning of each school year) 

Assign team responsibilities and room locations.  You may have more than one function take place in the same area or room. 

Room Team assignments Primary Secondary


________ Command Center ___________ __________


________ Team Leader  ___________ __________


________ Alternate Team Leader ___________ __________


________ Communications:

  Technology ___________ __________


  Media ___________ __________


________ Counseling Team ___________ __________


________ ESOL ___________ __________


________ First Aid ___________ __________


________ Food/Refreshment Coordinator ___________ __________


________ Hospitality Coordinator ___________ __________


________ Host Family Center ___________ __________


________ Identification/Check Out ___________ __________


________ Journal Recorder ___________ __________


________ Special Education ___________ __________



________ Supply Coordinator ___________ __________


________ Transportation Coordinator ___________ __________


________ Others as needed ___________ __________





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