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Office 365 Education
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Introducing New Student Advantage

Microsoft Corporation

We are pleased to announce that all current Douglas County students will be enrolled in the Microsoft Student Advantage Program. As part of this program, all Douglas County students will be issued a Microsoft 365 account. This account includes OneDrive (cloud storage), calendar, and online collaboration tools (Word Online, PowerPoint Online, etc.) These powerful tools will help our students develop the 21st century skills necessary to be successful in a constantly changing and technology-driven world.

 Additionally, students will have the ability to download and install the full version of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) on up to 5 personal devices at no cost.


To begin, log in to your Microsoft account using your username (firstname and password (DOB in the following format: YYYYMMDD). [Please note: usernames do not contain hyphens or apostrophes. You will be required to change the password on your initial login.]


The website for logging in is


Once you have accessed your account, you can click on the Office 365 link to download the full version of the Office Suite on your personal devices.

Click install now to install the Office Suite on your device.

Click Troubleshoot installiation for troubleshooting if you have problems during the download.


Your Microsoft account contains your online collaboration apps. You can access these by clicking on the app icon in the upper left corner of your page.


Available apps include:

  •  OneDrive (Unlimited cloud storage – access filed from anywhere with an internet connection.)
  •  Calendar (Create meetings and invite participants – everything syncs automatically!)
  •  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online (Collaborate and share work with your teachers or other students)
  •  Additional apps are being developed and added continually.

Please note: If you do not see all of your apps the first time you log in, or if the Office 365 link does not open to the download screen, log out of the account and then log back in.


For additional information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit:

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