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Road Runners

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Winston Road Runners

Purpose:  The purpose of Road Runners is to provide children an opportunity to enhance their running abilities.  This program gives children a chance to meet other students in the school and community.  Road Runners is a self-esteem builder, which offers the children a feeling of success when they finish a race and a sense of belonging to a team.  Road Runners is a voluntary county-wide program in the elementary schools.


*Students must attend practices (3 unexcused absences will be allowed) 

*Students must maintain academic & behavior responsibilities (only 3 discipline "U"s will be allowed for the year).

* Run a minimum of 4 races in order to earn their letter/bar.

Membership Requirements

New Members = $20


Membership fees cover-cups, Gatorade, t-shirts, letters.bars and tent

Road Runner Coach

Shannon Postell

P.E. Dept.