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Tabi Antonovich Art Education Teacher

Welcome to the Art Room!

Unit 1 - Lines, Shapes, Rhythm and Movement

Unit 2- Color, Contrast and Value

Unit 3- Form, Texture, Balance and Space

These are the 3 big units in art which will take us from the 1st day of school to the last.  Each 9 weeks is devoted to one unit of study and then the last 9 weeks is a time where we can revisit Elements and Principles of Art to better understand the standards.

In 2nd through 5th grades students are given an Art CDA at the end of each unit.  Each CDA consists of Multiple Choice and Short Answer where students demonstrate an understanding of the art vocabulary and standards , a Performance Piece of art that is graded with a Rubric and allows the students to show through their artwork an understanding of the art standards .  As part of the rubric each student is expected to be able to give their selected artwork a title and to place a signature on their work.  Study guides are given out with each unit.

Upcoming Events!!!

Annual Artshow will be on March 13th 4:30 to 6 Pm. Every student who has been enrolled at Winston since November of this School year (2013) will have a picture in the show. 

Frames with Artwork will be available for purchase during the show for $25.  All proceeds from the sale of these frames will go to purchase art supplies for students and to the Art Education department at Winston.

Pre - Sales are available also.



Art shows will take place across the county with student from every school represented.  These locations include the Cultural Arts Center, Board of Education and the Gallery at the Douglas County Court House.

April is PRIMARY COLORS art show where Elementary Students from around the county will display their artwork.





If you would like to send in  some supplies to the art room we are in need of Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer.

I look forward to working with each and everyone of your children this year in art and can't wait to see what their creative efforts will produce!