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Kindergarten Registration starting May 1, 2015 continuing throughout the summer TIMES TO REGISTER: Daily 8:00...

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La Matrícula deKindergartenComienza el1 de mayo del 2015y continua durantetodo el verano Sistema Escolar delCondado...

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Georgia School Nutrition Program

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Prevent the Summer Slide!

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Fun for your child and full of incentives!
Every Hero Has A Story!

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Kindergarten ü  1” three-ring binder ü  box of fine or broad Crayola markers ü  (4)...

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1st Grade ü  $6.00 for journal and communication log ü  24-count box of crayons ü  pack of...

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2nd Grade ü  1 inch bnder ü  (3) packs wide-ruled notebook paper ü  box of 24 count-crayons...

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3rd Grade ü  (2) 2”-three-ring white binder (with clear cover) ü  (4) packs of wide ruled notebook...

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4th Grade ü  $6.00 for AGENDA 4 (3) prong folders ü  2 composition books (MEAD) üü ...

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5th Grade   $6.00 for agenda 1 inch view binder  (4)composition notebooks (2) packs wide-ruled notebook paper...

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Mrs. Tabi Antonovich

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Winston Elementary Mission, Vision, Goals, and Beliefs   Mission At Winston Elementary School the staff is committed...

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K to 1 Summer Math Activities

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1st to 2nd Summer Math Activities

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2nd to 3rd Summer Math Activities

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3rd to 4th Summer Math Activities

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4th to 5th Summer Math Activities

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5th to 6th Summer Math Activities

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  Douglas County School System Beliefs: We believe that we must...  •   Understand how...

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WES Online Library

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Winston Elementary School and Community Organization has always had a strong parent involvement.  We would like to encourage...

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Accelerated Reader Enterprise - More information available on the library page.  

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2015 - 2016 W.E.S.C.O. Officers Winston Elementary School Community Organization Please E-Mail us at:  Winston.WESCO@gmail.com

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Box Tops for Education and Tyson Project A+ Supports Winston Elementary Media Center             ...

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Funding Factory Recycling Program

We're here to help you!

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Ga Milestones Assessment The following link is the Parents Guide to the new GA Milestones Assessment http://www.pta.org/files/Advocacy/CCSSIToolkit/Common%20Core%20State%20Standards%20Resources/Assessments%20Resouces/PTA_GA_6PG_17DEC13_FINAL.p...

All transportation changes must be submitted in writing the day the change is to take place.  It is important that you indicate...

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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HANDBOOK Douglas County School System Policies and Procedures Elementary School 2014-2015  ...

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 Winston Elementary School After School Program The contact number for the ASP program during 3:00 - 6:00 is 770-651-4727...

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21st Century PRIDE NEWS STAR Grant - 21st CCLC After SChool Program will expire June 30, 2014,  Re-application will take...

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  117 School Improvement Plan School Name: Winston Elementary School Year: ...

Afordable Health Insurance

AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) http://www.doe.k12.ga.us/ayp2010.aspx